SEMICAL® Gel-B Cross

SEMICAL® Gel-B Cross Sodium Hyaluronate 
for Intra-Articular Injection 

Mimics Synovial Fluid!

Advanced Thixotropic Process  Makes it Unique! 

SEMICAL® intra-articular Gel-B Cross is a highly purified bio-fermented sodium hyaluronate based viscoelastic solution for the treatment of knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. SEMICAL® intra-articular Gel-B Cross is used to improve the function of the synovial fluid in joints. The injection volumes are between 2.0 mL to 3.0 mL. 

Remains in the tissue for a Longer Period
• Effective with single Injection Treatment!
• Relieves pain in osteoarthritis and improvement in joint function
• Desired viscoelastic properties

SEMICAL® Gel-B Cross