About Us

SEMICAL is a regenerative medicine company that has conducted research and development activities for many years to develop innovative products. Our expert team, which has been conducting R&D studies in the pharmaceutical and medical device field for over 25 years, works to develop innovative solutions for the needs of the industry. 

SEMICAL operates in the fields of bio-surgery and dermo-cosmetics. Our company, managed by a team of expert academics, offers new technological solutions for surgical experts. We develop products in various fields such as hemostasis, adhesion prevention, osteoarthritis, tissue adhesives, bone grafts, aortic stents, dental implants, dental grafts, and dermo-cosmetic product groups.

With our passion for science and innovation, SEMICAL aims to offer high-quality products tailored to customer needs. Always acting with correct and ethical methods, we also provide technology transfer services in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry worldwide.

We have been conducting laboratory studies on the tissue healing properties of hyaluronic acid for 15 years. With our technologies developed in hyaluronic acid science, we offer innovative and pioneering products to serve humanity. Using technologies such as NON-DISTURBING NATURAL STATE MODIFICATION (NONASEM), ADVANCED THIXOTROPIC PRODUCTION, and ADVANCED HOMOGENEOUS PRODUCTION, we produce stabilized hyaluronan forms against intracorporeal degradation without damaging the natural structure of hyaluronic acid.