Technology Transfer

Our 25 years of experience in Biomaterials based medicinies, medical devices & biopolymers make us your ideal Contract Development Manufacturing and Technology Transfer Organization.

Your vision. Our Know-How
From Lab to Factory

Building a GMP Facility

Our Expertise in BIOMATERIALS for your Medical Applications

We develop, manufacture and technology transfer for
-Viscosupplements (Intra Articular Gels)
-Dermal Fillers
-Viscoelastics - ophthalmoogy
-Adhesion Barrier
-Hydrogel for Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR) applications
-Hydrogels for treatment of Intercystitial Cystitis
-Hemostats (oxidized cellulose, Gelatine, -Collagen and Chitosan based)
-Biomaterials for wound Healing (Hyaluronan, Collagen, Gelatine based)
-Grafts (Bone, Dental)
-Biodegradable Meshes
-Eye Drops ets...

With all documentary Works!